Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well, after many rave reviews, I finally had the opportunity to try out Peppercini’s! They are located in the University Mall next to Sadlers with ample parking. Their huge dinning area offers free WiFi incase you wanted to cruz the internet while you eat. 

They have a darling restaurant, very bright and cheerful. The staff is very friendly as well. It’s almost cafeteria like so very casual and laid-back kinda dinning. 
Their menu is rather large with sandwiches, wraps, salads, soup and hot sandwiches, also known as Grinders. I went with the Pepper Grinder, a burning hot roast beef sandwich smothered in melted provolone cheese, and roasted red peppers along with a side of Au Jus. The menu also calls for a creamy horseradish sauce but I never tasted that.  You also get your choice of Breadstick of Chips.  I choose the stick. 
My sandwich arrived very quickly which is great! We all love fast service. :) The sandwich was very very hot and if I were not so hungry I would have let it cool before burning my mouth but alas, I could not wait. The flavor was really nice from the melted cheese and the peppers. I would have loved a side of horseradish because I think that spice would have really set this sandwich apart.  The bread was a bit chewy and tough on the edges but that is what the Au Jus is for.  I guess all the breads in Europe are tough and “Crusty” and only us Americans like soft breads so I am working my self out of this soft bread phase and learning to embrace the crusty breads.  
My meal was decent but I was not hugely impressed, especially considering all the rave reviews I have heard, but they do offer a 10% military discount!   

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