Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lucky Market Asian Deli

Today I was flying solo so I took a trip to the Lucky Market on a tip from a fellow co-worker and friend.
This little hole in the wall type restaurant is located in a strip mall on Arctic St. near the International Airport Rd. intersection. From the outside, I was expecting a tiny, dim, somewhat shabby interior but classic good eats from a place only the “locals’ know about.  Since it was really sunny outside, it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the interior lighting and what I saw pleasantly surprised me! It was not dingy, nor was it shabby. In fact, the roomy establishment was brightly lit and welcoming! It has obviously been recently remodeled and looked clean, and extremely inviting! 
They have a small but adequate menu but the main attraction is the deli for a quick lunch. For $6, you can get your choice of chicken fried rice or stir-fry noodles with one entree of your choice.  For only $1 more, you get to entrees! Naturally I choose the 2 entree meal. There were 15 different entrees to choose from. I just went with the classic Kung Poa Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken to keep thing simple. As well as the Fried Rice, I opted to add a Shrimp Dumpling, Spring Roll and Filipino Sausage to my meal.
You can take this to go or eat in. Since the tables were sparkling clean, I choose to eat in. There are 3 big screen TV’s on the wall broadcasting the daily news along with a photo gallery of the menu items.  (Great Idea!) 
I sampled the Shrimp Dumpling first and considering I am not a huge fan of shrimp, the fact that I greatly enjoyed this was wonderful! Next time I am getting 2!
But I was hungry, after all, it was 3pm and I had not yet eaten that day so next I practically dove into the the rice and Kung Poa! Over all the meal was very satisfying. Given the fact I was well past the traditional lunch hour, my chicken was a bit tough but I will forgive that small flaw. 
My first experience eating a Filipino Sausage was,..... Interesting. It was not bad but not my “thang”. And I would not recommend the Spring Roll.  I did grab a  menu while paying and noticed they serve a Pho Noodle soup. Given the fact that the meal was repeatable, I think I will take my husband here to review the soup. 
Next door to the Lucky Market Asian Deli is, the Lucky Market, naturally.  I had to tour this site as well, always on the look out for something new and interesting. We also happen to feed our doggys RAW so ethnic markets are a most excellent place to grab some bizarre food stuff for a varied diet. They have some very bizarre meats and organs with decent prices. Their isles were not crowded and the store was very clean. It did not have the fishy smell that often accompanies most Ethnic Markets. Even though it was small, there was a wonderful selection and the produce looked very fresh, maybe it was local?

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