Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yummy International Foods

Yummy International Foods
The first time I ordered from Yummy we did so at work. A group of us, about 8 all got something from the lunch menu. You get a choice of 2 dishes with a side of rice for $8. 
I choose the green curry with chicken and the kalbi ribs. It arrived in under 1 hour and each to-go box was clearly labeled so we were able to pass them out to the appropriate person. 
My lunch choice was phenomenal!  I  was so impressed I told everyone within 50 feet about Yummy. How tender and flavorful the ribs were. How impressive the curry was.
So, when my colleagues suggested yummy a couple of weeks later, I jumped at the chance! I had relished the dishes I chose so much I just reordered that exact same meal.
However, much to my great disappointment it was nothing like it was last time. The ribs were all bone, hardly any meat at all. The rice was gooey and the curry, oh the curry........ Let me go regress a bit here. I adore thai curry. It is probably my most favorite food of all times. I can just drink green curry sauce I love it that much... 
So when I first see this curry, my heart sank. I just knew it was all wrong. The sauce was a different color, the veggies used were totally unlike the ones used last time. The taste was no where the same as it was the first time. I was deeply disappointed. I suffered through my lunch, nibbling at the bones, dreaming of olden days when there was meat, licking sauce from my fingers... {sigh}
What happened Yummy? Did your cook get sick?  I am a stickler for consistency and after only 2 trips to your establishment, you failed miserably. 
Will I give Yummy another try? Well, probably, since one time was sublime even though the second time was subpar.  All I can say it that you have a lot of live up to. If you want repeat business, you need to maintain a standard.  Better luck next time.

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