Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ernesto and Richardo's Authentic Mexican Restaurant and Grill

Ernesto and Richardo’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant and Grill
The name in of it’s self is a mouthful but once you have tasted Richardo and Ernesto’s grub, you will surely be back for more!! 
I stopped by yesterday for lunch with hubby and we delighted with a robust interior. Those weeks of remodeling really paid off and turned around a dumpy old restaurant into a fun and hip mexican joint!  The staff was extremely friendly, even the cooks were out mingling with the customers and making sure everyone was having a pleasant time and the food was good.
Upon recommendation of the chef, I choose the daily special which was Pork Ribs with Cactus, beans and rice. To accompany that, we also choose the Taco/Cheese enchilada  combo lunch plate and a homemade tamale a la’carte. (Because I LOVE Tamales!)
It took some time for the food to arrive but when it did, OH BOY! Let me tell ya that I have never ate cactus before and was rather excited apprehensive about trying it. However, it was more delicious! The pork ribs were to tender the meat literally was falling off the bone. The cactus was cut into strips and just as tender without any odd sort of flavor, they were just great! The whole dish was seasoned to perfection and was sizzling hot! I do like hot food coming from a kitchen! That tells me the waitstaff and cooks are well coordinated and nothing it left sitting around getting cold. 
I tried the tamale next. The presentation of the tamale was darling! Set on 1/2 a corn husk, shmeared with a lightly spiced red sauce, accompanied with a leaf of bright and crisp romaine lettuce, slices of tomato, fresh avocado, and queso cheese and an artistic drizzle of sour cream. There was a lovely smell coming from the tamale that reminded me of a spice and incense store at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle. It was just heavenly to eat because with every bite I was taken back to the Market. 
My husbands Steak Soft Taco was, of course splendid. It was not the taste sensation from the taco trucks in Cali but for Alaska, we were satisfied.
But back to the Main Course! So, this Cheese loving American Gringa was very pleased with the generous helping of cheese atop our lunch! It was all melty and gooey. And the cheese enchilada was nearly 3/4 of an inch thick with cheese.Thank you!  The only part of the meal that was not up to par was the rice. Bland and over cooked, it just sat there looking very sad as I gleefully devoured the rest of my meal. 
Their menu is extensive and covers Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! I saw some mexican breakfast ideas that looks awesome and I know I will be back to try more 
delectables very soon. A generous lunch for 2 with a drink ran about $26 before tip. 
Located at the corner of Arctic and International, in the old American Diner location. 

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