Sunday, May 2, 2010

Long Branch Saloon

Long Branch Saloon
Finally!! A multi napkin burger! It is what I strive for on my quest for a great burger. First off it has to be hand pattied. Secondly, it must be juicy. Thirdly, it must require you to use at least 2 napkins.  And the Burgers at Long Branch Saloon have all 3 prerequisites. 
I had the Jalapeno Burger with Jack Cheese and homemade fries. It came out cooked to perfection, slightly pink and was so juicy and flavorful.  A full handful of peppers atop the thick beef patty, cheese melted just the right amount, lettuce, tomato, onion.... Oh My! And naturally, their buns are baked fresh daily. 
The joint was crowded and parking is at a premium but it is worth every bit of a hassle. 
If you happen to have a Northern Lights Coupon Book handy, you will find a coupon in there good for one free lunch with the purchase of a lunch and 2 drinks! A deal you cannot beat.
Hands down, Long Branch does have the best BUNS in town AND the best burgers!

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