Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cafe Del Mundo

I have be come of what of a regular here although I am inconspicuous enough to not be noticed as such. So between 8am and 10am on Monday - Friday this is where you can find me, typing away at my Mac, either blogging about food stuff or doing other pertinent   job related things. 
Today I got just a simple pot of tea. Herbal Black Currant Vanilla to be exact. I must say it is quite smooth yet tangy, very pleasant on the palate. I am enjoying my little pot very much as I type this.
But my favorite drink at Cafe Del Mundo is the Chai. Starbucks has nothing on the Mundo! They make some of the best Chai in town. Not watery at all. They have some local blends for Chai as well, all are equally fantastic!  My friend raves about their gelato, which I admit is really rather dreamy even though I am not an ice cream fan. (I know, I know!) 
Plus there is a display case chalk full of tasty baked goods! I seem many satisfied patrons consuming these delicacies! 
Cafe Del Mundo has 3 locations in Anchorage. Each coffee shot is bright and cheery, with tons of friendly customers and happy employees. They also have wifi for their coffee-holics! Stop by today and see what I mean.

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