Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Peanut Farm

One word.........

As an Alaskan, one cannot go a day during football season without hearing the Peanut Farm advertisements on the radio a dozen times a day so naturally I was intrigued about this local "hot spot" for food and entertainment.

Since I am not a drinker, I tend to frequent bar/restaurants during the lunch hours, perhaps this was my first mistake. I visited the Farm during the quiet daylight hours. Our waitress was brusque and obviously much too busy with a whole lot of nothing to actually attend to our needs. We never got refills nor did she check on us, and we had to flag her down to tell her that the burger was undercooked. (and I'm not just talking about a little bit of pink here, It was bloody!)

There were 3 of us eating this afternoon and so we all ordered something completely different. I had the California burger with Avocado and a side of sweet potato fries and Hubby had the bacon mushroom burger. My mother in law chose the Chicken Sandwich.

I really cannot recall much about the food, it was that blah. I would have probably gotten a tastier meal from McDonald's and saved a lot of time and money.

The building itself looks fantastic from the outside. I was really looking forward to seeing something that might have an aire of Alaskana History being as it is a beautiful Log Building right in downtown Anchorage. Nope! It was nothing of the sort. Bare walls with chunks of plaster missing. Run down old tables and rickety chairs. The glass garage doors in the back wall were really cool though, I imagine they open them up during our short summer for an indoor/outdoor dinning experience. It would be lovely if the weather was nice.

I guess the real appeal of the Peanut Farm is that they have LOTS of Big Screen TV's and no matter where you are sitting you can view at least 5 of them at one time. After all this is a SPORTS BAR and once you have had a few pints in ya, who really cares what the food tastes like or if the lady behind the bar is senile.

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