Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chiang Mai ~ Thai

Chiang Mai, located on the corner of 36th and Old Seward Highway is a wonderful place to take in a quick but peaceful lunch. We were told about this place from a co-worker and he was right, it did have great food.
I have an affection for Green Curry and that is the first thing I try at any new Thai restaurant I happen upon, so naturally I ordered up some for myself. My husband got the BBQ Chicken with brown rice. Yes, you read that right! Brown Rice! One thing that definitely sets this Thai restaurant apart from many of the others is that they proudly offer brown rice as a substitute for white rice at no additional charge.
At this time, I also picked the Fresh / Spring rolls for an appetizer as my husband had never tried them before. Which by the way were fantastic!
Our order arrived before you could say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" Hot and fresh, the curry was devine! Some of the best I have had. My husband also thoroughly enjoyed the BBQ Chicken as evident of his lack of talking during the meal. I think he also needed to use at least 2 napkins. It is so nice to see a man enjoying some BBQed meat.
I have not been back to Chiang Mai but I intend to return. The staff was really pleasant and eager to talk. We shared stories about other Thai Restaurants in Fairbanks while paying the bill.
I vote Chiang Mai for a quick and reasonably priced lunch any day of the week!

Chiang Mai is located at
3637 Old Seward Highway,
in front of the Natural Pantry and across from New Sagaya.

Ate there again for lunch and this place was packed! Luckily my husband went there ahead of me and secured a table. I had the green curry since that is my weakness and Hubby ordered the Seafood Noddle Soup. Of course we had the fresh rolls too! Again, everything was perfectly lovely. I have nothing bad at all to say about this fabulous Thai Restaurant.

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