Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Arctic Roadrunner ~ on Arctic

An Alaskan Institution.............
Our first visit to the Arctic Roadrunner was just a spur of the moment late lunch before picking up the kids from school.
I was with my Mother-In-Law and we ran through the Drive-Thru at the Arctic location.
I just ordered up a Dagwood cause it sounded neat. I was not thinking clearly as what a Dagwood was, all I could remember was the famous cartoon character that ate HUGE sandwiches! I took that as a good sign this burger would be rather large as well. My Mother-in-law got a bacon cheeseburger.
One really great thing about the Roadrunner is that they do everything FRESH! there is no such thing as a premade burger here. Because of this the wait in the drive through is slightly longer then a fast food joint but it is well worth it!
Oh, I also ordered up some onion rings!

They are a cash only joint which at times has caused me to drive by because I did not have any cash on me so be aware of this when you head out!

Finally, and none too soon, our order was ready. We opened up the box of rings so they did not get soggy and quickly drove off to find a quiet place to eat. I had a feeling these were going to be messy burgers!
I was right! You know, there is nothing better then a nice, hot and JUICY burger! Where I come from, if you don't need at least 2 napkins the burger was not a "good" burger! This was a definitely a 2 + napkin burger!
The burger patties were hand pressed, something you certainly don't see everyday and it is really one important part in a really great burger. The lettuce and tomatoes and onions were all nice, fresh and crisp. In fact, everything was just right.

Our first outing to the Arctic Roadrunner on Arctic was so good we raved about it when we got home and found the perfect opportunity to bring the rest of the family after a chilly afternoon participating in the Fur Rondy Parade!
Since there is 7 of us eating, I wont go into details on which burgers everyone ordered but let's just say we got quite a variety among us. We also tried 2 milk shakes, the oreo and a peanut butter which were nice and thick, very flavorful. Plus fries and onion rings! The fries are good, and the onion rings are okay, they are not homemade which is too bad. I think that with the quality of the burgers, they could attempt to make fresh, hand dipped onion rings and really rack up the brownie points!

Overall this was a meal fit for any parade king and queen!

Now the building itself is pretty old but it is clean and cozy. They have some great pictures on the wall from the very first Roadrunner, which if memory serves me right, was a converted 1950'2 travel trailer! The staff is a bunch of friendly kids and college students. It is really fun, bring the kids and just enjoy a nice normal burger the way your grandpappy ate them!

Arctic Roadrunner now has an ATM inside! Yippee

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