Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bombay ~ Indian Food

A few months ago, back when it was still cold and dark outside, my husband took me out to eat at the Bombay for dinner. I have been wanting to try Indian food for years now and never got around to it. I was under the impression Indian food was really spicy since a friend of ours from India cooks authentic foods and they are definitely not for the timid! So, we waited until we had a "date night" to enjoy some Indian Cuisine.
Upon entering the Bombay, you are surrounded with lush rish colors in a very welcoming atmosphere. The background music is Indian and full of chimes and enchanting sounds. The owner was our host and very gracious. We had no idea what to oder so we left our dinner in his capable hands. He suggested 2 delicious meals made from 2 different curries along with Garlic Naan, the wonderful Indian bread cooked in the Tandoori.
I enjoyed a heavenly scented Tea before our dinner arrived. It was the house blend and heavy with cardamom.
Our dinner arrived rather quickly and it came served in wonderful tin bowls so we could share! I really appreciated that part, as my Husband and I do share our meals so we can both taste something different. My husband took the Lamb Masala and I had the Chicken Curry.
Each dish was so delicious in it's own way and accompanied by some of the best Basmati Rice I have ate. I was shocked to find the food to be not spicy (in a hot way) at all. I suppose we could order our meals with more heat next time round.
During our meal, the owner came over the check on us a few times. He was always pleasant and quick to offer suggestions for next time. I rather like that man.

A few weeks later, we returned for try out the lunch buffet. They have a small but decent selection of Indian delicacies to choose from. Tandoori Chicken and Raita (a lightly spiced yogurt mixed with tomato and cucumbers) as among my favorites.
We have since eaten at the Bombay Deluxe about 5 times, however, 4 of them were for the lunch buffet. I have gotten worn out on the sameness of all the flavors being offered on the buffet and am growing very tired of the lack of something new and different from the menu being offered during the buffet.

Still, the Bombay attracts quite an eclectic crowd and seems to be doing quite well for itself.
I would go again and this time make it a new dinner date!

Located in the Valhalla Center
555 West Northern Lights Blvd.

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