Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cafe Amsterdam

Beer Lover!?!
Cafe Amsterdam is really the place anyone who loves beer must go to! Located across from the Sear's Mall, this cute and cozy family owned restaurant is a lovely place to eat lunch! We stopped by there a few weeks ago after seeing their ad in a local tourist magazine. What a surprise it was to walk into the "outside" pub in Europe! The decor of the bar is adorable and very welcoming.

I enjoyed the Chicken Avacodo Melt which is a warm and delicious concoction of gooey Havarti cheese with fresh avocados. The fresh bread is wonderful! I also got the soup of the day, which on this particular day was creamy corn and jalapeƱo chowder. oh la la! The corn was crisp, the jalapeƱos were chopped fresh and added in at when the bowl was served so the soup was not spicy hot but just right.

My husband loved the fact that the kitchen is totally visible to the patrons. Of course I was sitting with my back to all the action. :(

I found this post in my Draft box and coming back to it months later, I cannot recall what my husband had. I know that we always share bites and I know it was good. :)

I will just have to go back there and try some more glorious foods! Oh bummer, right? :)

Here is their website link

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