Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mayflower Buffet ~ Fairbanks

Sometimes you can find a diamond in the most unlikely of places.
I have been t0 nearly 1/3 of all the states and a few Canadian Providences and have yet to find a Chinese Buffet as large, complex and tasty as the one found in our Great State of Alaska! Unfortunately, for most of us, it is a 6 hour drive away. :(

The Mayflower Buffet in Fairbanks is fairly new on the scene, just opening up just over 2 years ago.
The building has been host to numerous buffets over the years including the Royal Fork and China 1 International Buffet.

About 2 1/2 years ago a magical transformation occurred at the corner of 3rd and Steese Highway. A once gloomy, un-kept and shabby restaurant was turned into a clean, bright and inviting Asian taste sensation!

The buffet consists of 2 buffet lines at least 30 feet long each! 2 lines x 2 sides x 30 feet??? That is 120 feet of food! Both piled high with lots of fresh dishes from crab legs (Friday and Saturday) to my personal favorite, Pepper chicken. Pizza and Fries for the kids, Sauted Vegetables, beef, pork, shrimp, spicy, sweet, breaded and fried........it all is your friend at the Mayflower.
They have a decent salad bar and some fresh sushi too, along with an ice cream machine for desert although I prefer the sweet rolls to finish of my meal.

the staff is warm and attentive. The restaurant is clean and has ample seating for families and a large "party room" for bigger groups.

We were there over the Summer Solstice weekend and found the patrons to be plentiful yet the room was not crowded at all. The buffet was kept stocked and all dished looked fresh and hot! There was no mess on the counters as the staff made every effort to kept the buffet lines clean and clear. Our used plates were wisked away quickly, quietly and efficiently. Our beverages refilled before they ever hit bottom.

Hip Hip Horray for the new management at Mayflower Buffet! I appriciate your attention to the quality of your food!! Thank you.

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