Tuesday, March 8, 2011


  You know, I have no idea what is up with restaurants lately. Some are just downright awful. Take Ruby’s for instance. While it’s got a nice, sophisticated location and the restaurant it self is stylish. the food is really quite terrible. I had purchased some gift certificates from the Half Price Club Promotions off the Radio so my meal was already 50% off.
    I meet my Husband for lunch, like we do often, and we ordered 2 sandwiches and a bowl of soup. My youngest daughter also came along, she is 8 and typically a very adventurous eater and it’s fun to eat lunch with Daddy.  So, when you order food at Ruby’s, it’s almost cafeteria like, you place your order and pay, then sit down at your table with a number. Sooner or later, a waitress will bring your drink and your food.
    First to arrive was the bowl of soup. It smelled good. Chicken and Rice. Simple. How can you mess that up, right? Well apparently the cooks at Ruby’s can. It was completely tasteless and so incredibly over cooked the rice could no longer be called rice. It has the consistency of warm jello. Gross.
    Husband ordered the Ruben special request with no sauerkraut. I’m not sure if there is a new way of making a Ruben without actually grilling it to toast the bread, melt the cheese and heat the meat but apparently there is a at Ruby’s. A lightly toasted bread, luke-warm meat and barely there cheese sorta wanna-be Ruben and, if you are lucky, you might get meat on all the bread too but probably not. 
    My sandwich, the “Wrangel” or “Mendenhal”,  was okay but I would not eat it again. The bread was so crusty if hurts your mouth to eat it and I finally did found one small sliver of avocado towards the end of the meal.  I’m just sorry we never saw a waitress after they dropped off our food I certainly would have said something.
    I’m tired of writing nicey nice reviews for mediocre food. So that’s it. I refuse to go back. Yuck. Not worth my money or my time.

101 W. Benson

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