Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Judy's Cafe

We were going to try the IHOP next to the Southside Lowe’s but they had a long wait and well, it’s just IHOP. 
So, on a whim we traveled down south a bit farther and came across a small brown building bustling with cars and people. Hubby said this place was good and that he had eaten there a few times with co-workers. One thing I know to be true is that working class men know where to eat!
So we found a tight little spot and shoved our mini-van in there and ventured to Judy’s Cafe. There is a very small foyer or Arctic Entry that also doubled as a waiting area when full, which we learned, it usually is. Judy serves breakfast, home-cooking style and lunch and is closed by dinner. You gotta come and come early! 
We were a table of 3 today, with oldest Daughter in tow.  So our wait was a bit longer. There was plenty of tables for 2 and a few bar stools at the counter for single eaters.
But we were seated within 10 minutes and our waitress was very quick and attentive. Old school style, where the waitresses are a bit rough around the edges but never too busy to fill your glass and clean off tables and probably never get a wrong order either.

In a place like this, I have two favorites I usually get. Corned Beef Hash and Eggs of the Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs.  I when with the Steak.   The best part of  breakfast is the Sausage Gravy, so we ordered a side of that too. 
Our order arrived quickly and was piping hot. It smelled divine and my eggs were perfectly done, just over easy but cooked whites. (Runny whites are gross) and the hash-browns were crispy and golden brown. So delicious!  Naturally we shared bites from each others' plates. My hubby got the Hot links and eggs and my daughter got the sausage and eggs.  All very very good!  Each order comes with classic way with hash-browns, 2 eggs, meat and toast.  Grub like this reminds me of Montana where the cowboys eat.  So wrestle up some grub and chow down!

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