Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ken's House of Pancakes

Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii

When we arrived on the Big Island we were ravenous! So we asked the rental car gal what she recommended and was directed to a local joint commonly referred to as Ken’s House of Pancakes.  It was right at lunch time so when we arrived the parking lot was loaded and there was about a 15 minute wait to be seated. No worries though, we were in Hawaii. :)

This was our first trip to the Islands and we had the whole family plus my mom and her friend, so 8 of us total.  The menu at Ken’s was extensive and had just about everything you could imagine. Not just pancakes either. I choose a local favorite,  which was a Loco Moco something or other. Basically it was a large bowl of rice, a hamburger patty, chili, cheese onions and a fried egg.  And it was AMAZING!  After spending some time in Hawaii, I have come to learn that many traditional foods come served with Rice.

My teenage son picked the Sumo Burger, which was presented with a ringing of the bell and the whole staff yelling, “SUMO!!”. Talk about a fun place to eat and work at!

The atmosphere was lively and loud but not too loud. The staff was excellent and exceptionally friendly.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal and for 8 people, our tab was under $100! Another pleasant surprise. 

You HAVE to eat here if you are traveling to Hilo.


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