Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Greek Corner

Date Night! Time to check out the Greek Corner which has recently moved from the small blue and white building on Fireweed to a nice bigger building off Northern Lights. 
The atmosphere that evening was jovial and my husband and I were very excited about trying some greek food. I have had greek before and rather enjoy the subtle difference from Italian. Feta cheese, greek and Kalamata olives, fruity red wines........... ahhhh.
So, naturally when coming to a new restaurant, we asked our server what she recommended. We choose the smooth red greek wine along with the sampler plate.
The wine was really good, very sweet, deep and rich flavor. 

Our server was a lovely women, very upbeat and “authentic”! When the flaming cheese appetizer was served to some of our surrounding tables the “OH PA!” rang out amount the fellow patrons.  Next time we are getting that! 
Our food was really good. It was not the best tasting food I have ever eaten but there certainly was nothing bad on my plate. We greatly enjoyed the large variety of foods representing all regions of Greece. 

We really enjoyed our evening out, the place was vibrant and festive. I most certainly will return to the Greek Corner.

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