Sunday, March 28, 2010

Luigi's Pizza on Arctic and International Airport Rd.

  How do I sum up Luigi's Pizza in one word?


    So, we had a coupon from the Northern Light's Coupon Book for a free Hot Sandwich with the purchase of one. Since we are of the thrifty sort, and we were in the neighborhood, this was a perfect option for today's lunch.
     I ordered the Gyro, my Daughter got the Ham Sub (minus the onions) and my Hubby requested the Mushroom Philly  Cheesesteak. Luigi's was pretty busy even at nearly 2pm, but our wait was not long, maybe 15 minutes? Luigi's is only pick up or delivery so after we got our food we headed back out to the Suburban to chow down and chow down we did!!
     Digging into our bag we found a HUGE foil wrapped sandwich. Assuming this was the philly since we did order the large size, it was quickly passed off to my Hubby. However, it was soon discovered that this was the Ham Sub! You would not believe the size of this sandwich. LIterally it had to be over a foot long. Made on Fresh, homemade bread, it was hot and loaded with tasty ham, and cheese, lettuce and tomato. Not to be undone I dove into my Gyro that had way more meat then I had expected, onions and extra tjaziki sauce on the side.
     Well by now my Hubby was feeling a bit left out so we passed the bag to him. Last but not least was the glorious philly, oozing with generous amounts of steak, mozzarella cheese and mushrooms.  His meal also came with homemade potato salad and peppercinis peppers.
     We spent the next 10 minutes sharing bites and just ohhing and ahhing over the super delicious food. honestly, Luigi really impressed me. I will most assuredly be back!
     Besides I have another coupon, for a free Calzone!

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