Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yak and Yeti

Want to try something new but not sure where to go?
How about some Himalaya food?

The Yak and Yeti on Spenard is in a cute little red building, and if you blink you will miss it but trust me this place it worth a U-turn!

I met my Husband here for lunch a few months back and enjoyed the quiet serene atmosphere. The walls were painted in deep soothing colors accompanied by many pictures depicting life in the Himalayas' and Nepal.

We were lucky enough to be seated by the Chef's Husband and accepted his assistance in selecting the perfect meal.
I am a Chai lover so naturally I accepted the suggestion of some Darjeeling Chai Tea! The house blend. I was presented with one of the most aromatic teas which tastes nearly as delicious as it smelled. :)
Our Lunch arrived quickly, Lamb Curry and Tibetian Chicken Curry. Both were exeptional in flavor, aroma and presentation. The meat was so tender that you did not need a knife at all, simply a bit of pressure with your fork. Both dishes were served with rice and buns. It simply melted in your mouth.
One of the House specialties is Goat and I will most certainly try that the next time we are in.

One of the most memorable things, which is such a small thing really, was they served the water in metal cups. Very cute!

The prices there are a bit higher then most restaurants but only by a $1 or $2. However, the food was totally worth it! Why spend $9 at Wendy's when you can eat Lamb for lunch?

One thing the Yak needs to work in is their signage. You cannot see the sign at all when traveling South on Spenard, so keep an eye out for a short cute maroon/red building in the curve!

Located at
3301 Spenard Rd


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