Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mile High Pizza Pie ~ Talkeetna

One of my most favorite towns in Alaska is Talkeetna!

2 summers ago we stopped in at the Three Bears Cafe for some Musk Ox burgers, and reindeer bratwurst. We were hoping to revisit that same stop on our way to Fairbanks this past month.

Much to our disappointment they were no longer there and the lot was empty! :(

So we wandered up and down Main Street a few times trying to decide where to feed 7 people. Finally we choose the Mile High Pizza Pie restaurant located near the end of Main Street.
The tables are the first thing to catch your eye as 3 of the biggest ones are fashioned from TREES! And of course the interior paint was intriguing with bright colors and circles.

Our waitress was nice enough but very quite and seemed shy. We asked her some questions about the menu items and decided upon the Pepperoni and 5 cheese pizza. In addition we ordered some chicken strips for the little kids just incase.

It took a long time for the pizza to arrive. A long long time, about 40 minutes. While waiting my Husband decided to pull out the video camera and add to our ongoing You Tube video collection.

Gratefully our Pizza arrived and since we were all famished from our long ride in the car we soon had nearly all the pizza devoured along with the chicken strips............
After our meal we had more time to reflect upon the actual taste of it all.

The chicken was highly disappointed as it was nothing but a chicken patty cut into strips. Something the menu failed to disclose. It came served with Frank's Buffalo dipping sause and a side of BBQ as per our request. $10 no fries

The pizzas were okay. I cannot think of any worse pizza but some have come close. The crust was limp and dull. The sauce was too thin and kinda on the sweet side. The cheese pizza was a blend of 5 cheeses but all I tasted was greasy cheddar. The pepperoni, a large, had about 20 pieces of pepperoni on it. Very disappointing. :(

Even if I lived in Talkeetna, I would not eat there.

The restaurant has many great things going for it. It is bright and cheery with a great outdoor deck. The ambiance is nice, the tables are totally cool! The location right on Main St. They all wore T-Shirts with the Mile High Pizza Pie logo on it and sold Mile High hats.............they just need to work a bit on their product.

Click here to see a Video of Mile High Pizza Pie

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