Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thai Village

Thai Village is home to some friendly staff and a decent priced lunch menu. Located on Muldoon Road, this small family run business offers a large selection of Thai foods from your favorite curry dish to the traditional Pad Thai and most everything in between.
I had the Lunch Curry Special with included a small salad with a house Peanut dressing and a cup of soup along with a Thia fried spring roll for only $8. The curry was pretty spicy but not quite as good as most other Thai restaurants I have been to. My husband enjoyed a large bowl of vegetable and chicken soup. A pretty hearty meal in itself but rounded out with some Fresh spring rolls as a appetizer and you have one satisfying meal! While I personally thought the spring rolls were just alright, my Hubby loved them. We treated Mother-in-law to lunch that day where she got her first taste of Thai. She opted for the pad Thai, a great starter meal for the first timer.
However, it proved to be the least enjoyable Pad Thai I have ever had. :(

The staff was pleasant and prompt and the over all atmosphere was nice. The restaurant was clean, bright and cheerful. However, I thought the overall taste of the food was just okay, but my Husband was pretty impressed. I think this is one of those restaurants that can go either way depending upon what your personal tastes are.

You wont get a bad meal here. Why not stop by and give it a try for yourself. :)

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