Saturday, October 11, 2008

Burrito King

Burrito King, Taco King, Gallos....................... is there any thing these guys cannot do?
Driving to the post office in midtown always made my hungry as I drove past Burrito King and was assaulted by those heavenly smells!
Finally, I told my Hubby I was craving some Mexican and we had to stop! (good thing I was able to blame my cravings on my pregnancy at the time!)
So, opting to try the Drive Thru we ordered a bean and cheese burrito complete with rice and beans and also 2 carna asada tacos.
Service was quick and friendly :) And the food came out piping hot! We had to wait until we got home 5 minutes later to eat it!
Squeezing on some fresh lime made those tacos come to life. Naturally, there was too much cilantro for my taste but I'm not a huge fan of that particular herb. However, I have perfected the art of cilantro removal and I highly enjoyed these tangy, spicy tacos with their steamed corn tortilllas.
The re-fried beans tasted homemade and much less salty then the competitors beans. The rice was a tad bit bland but combining the beans and the rice made everything just right.

I did enjoy Burrito King and would go back. While this is not true authentic Mexican food you could taste the "better then fast food" flavor! Luckily our local franchise has placed numerous restaurants at convenient locations around our fair town so when we get a hankerin' for some Mexican/American cuisine, we dont have to look too far.

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