Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Soprano's Pizza and Philly's

Finding a place to eat in Anchorage is easy enough, finding a GOOD place to eat can be rather difficult.
Normally I like to enjoy my lunches with my husband or friend but today I was starving! I needed to get something to eat and decided I could not wait for a "lunch date".
Since we live on the east side, the west side does not get a lot of my attention...........today I was near Spenard and decided to pull into Soprano's Pizza and Philly's restaurant.
Well, to be totally honest this was one of the top 3 best Philly sandwiches I have ever eaten!

So, to start off, the restaurant itself it nothing fancy but it was clean and that is what really matters! Just get your food to-go! I ordered up the Soprano's Philly which is steak, mushrooms, jalapenos and onions. All sandwiches come with fries too!
Since it was early in the day and they had just opened, I think I was the first customer! The cook also took my order, (probably was the owner) was very nice. He went right to work crafting a first class lunch.

I stepped in next door while I was waiting for my sandwich to cook, when I came back the room was filled with the delicious scents of grease, salt, steak, and onions! Oh, my mouth was watering already, especially when I heard the crispy fries being tossed in a metal bowl with salt.
Next thing I know I am in my car burning my fingers and tongue on hot, perfectly cooked fries.
The Philly was also impressive! I did not even make it out of the parking lot before digging right in! This amazing sandwich was served in a small baguette of fresh french bread. Flaky crust and melt in your mouth soft dough, it had to have been baked that day! The cook split the bread on top and pulled out some of the insides, stuffing it full of steaming hot steak, mushrooms and cheese! Lots of glorious cheese.
I have to admit though, that they are very liberal with their ingredients. I love hot foods but even I had to pick out a lot of those jalapenos! My mouth was on fire but that dang sandwich was so awesome I kept eating it! There was no stopping me! I was like a crazy women under a cheese and steak spell! LOL

I have had a lot of Philly's and while I have never been to Philly to have a "real" one, I do know a great tasting sandwich when I eat one. And like i said before, this ranks in there in the top 3.

I will definitely be going back to Soprano's Pizza and Philly's. Next time I plan on sharing this with my husband too! Everyone needs to eat here!

Located at
3505 Spenard Rd
Ste C

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