Sunday, July 20, 2008

Twin Dragon ~ Mongolian BBQ

The Twin Dragon ~ Mongolian BBQ in Anchorage is an All -You -Can -Eat style Chinese buffet.
Located on 15th and Gambell, the dinner menu offers some favorites in their buffet along with a wonderful Mongolian BBQ. Even been to a Mongolian BBQ? Well, it is a treat!
There is a buffet style bar that is full of a multitude of fresh vegetables and meat yet everything is RAW~! That's right, UNCOOKED. You simply grab a bowl and load up. Don't be shy, cooking the food will cut the bulk in 1/2 so a piled high bowl will only leave you with about a 1/2 bowl once finished cooking. After you have picked out all your goodies, you pass your bowl to the chef. He will add sauce to your liking. Twin Dragon offers up 4 traditional flavors, Teriyaki, Canton, Traditional and Szechwan. I prefer the Szechwan, extra spicy!
The chef will then dump your full bowl onto the massive circular grill. Immediately it sizzles and the smells of garlic and Chinese spices fill the air. The chef masterfully flips and turns the food around the griddle in a circle. If you are there on a busy night, you might watch 2 chefs artfully cook up to 4 meals at once! When finished, your meal is swept in to a fresh bowl and cheerfully handed back to you.
A delicious, steaming bowl of freshly stir fried veggies and meat, noodles awaits your palete.

The All-You-Can-Eat Dinner buffet runs a cool $13 per adult and just $1 per year for kids 10 and under.
They serve you homemade egg drop soup and tea with the buffet. The Buffet itself is small in comparison to other buffets I have been to but it has all the staples, rice, General Tso's chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Beef and Broccoli, etc..............along with a refreshing, cool salad bar.
Not in the mood for Buffet? They also have a full menu loaded with your favorites.
What people in Anchorage come for is the Mongolian BBQ and it is worth the trip.


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