Friday, August 8, 2008


This national chain restaurant located on the corner of C and Tudor can be a fun eating experience for you and your family.
The menu is the same here as it is in all 50 states so you can be assured that your favorite item will be available even when you are away from home.
It has a fun and comfy atmosphere that invites you to come back.
The very first time we went to Friday's it was raining and the hostess met us outside with an umbrella and walked us to the door!
We had a bubbly, enthusiastic waitress that offered menu suggestions and we took her advice on a couple of items. We were very pleased with everything she suggested too! The appetizers were delicious and arrived at the table looking too good to eat! Everything about our meal was perfect.

The second time we went to Friday's it was nearly the complete opposite. Was it a bad day for the staff? The waitress was a bore, perhaps she should have just stayed home from work that day? Or maybe she was very new? Either way, she was a terrible waitress and needed some more training or better yet, put her in a different position that requires less interaction with the public. Our drink order was wrong and she never attempted to fix it. She never came back to refill our drinks or to check if our meal was satisfactory.
When our food finally arrived it looked as though it was slapped together by a cook having a bad day. You could tell he had no passion for cooking. The burgers were extremely overcooked and dried out. My specialty burger, from the Food Network winners section, looked very lonely and was not a good burger. I blame most of that on the person who came up with the recipe though.
Overall, trip #2 to Fridays was a bust and I doubt we will return to this Friday's any time soon.

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