Monday, July 14, 2008

Fast Eddies ~ A TOK Tradition

Located in the Heart of Tok, Fast Eddies is a favorite stop for anyone traveling to and from Canada.
The exterior is classic Alaskan wood but inside you will find a very clean and sophisticated atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, especially after a long days drive.
Fast Eddies offers a huge variety of menu items, including some designer burgers and even pizza!
The prices are quite reasonable considering the tiny town and the fact they are 100's of miles from anywhere. Expect to pay about $10 on the average meal per person. The pizza was quite good, with a nice thin crust and perfect amount of toppings! There is also a kids menu for those wee ones in your family.
Fast Eddies is like the melting pot of Alaska, where you can strike up a conversation with someone from Germany or Nebraska and everywhere in between. Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and some homemade pie or dig into an enormous Double Bacon Burger. There is also one of the largest salad bars north of the Alaska Range!
The staff is friendly and quick. Service was great and the food came quickly.
If you are traveling to the lower 48 anytime soon, don't forget to include lunch at Fast Eddies!

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