Monday, July 14, 2008

Benny's Food Wagon

Benny's Food Wagon is located on the corner of Photo and Cope. After spending some time in California, I discovered that some of the best Mexican food can be found from your local taco trucks! I was delighted to find our very own Alaskan taco truck right downtown here in Anchorage! After speaking with Benny and learning that he had recently been in Cali and had just gotten back I was more then eager to taste his wares!
Benny, man, I don't know what part of Mexico you are from but you might want to go back there and get some lessons on how to make real Mexican taco truck food.
Benny serves decent food, don't get me wrong, but if I wanted a deep fried burrito I would just go to my local gas station deli. Your tacos are tasteless and generic and there is no way those tamales are homemade.
I give you kudos for cutting the stems from your tomatoes though.
Over all, Benny's food wont make you sick but you will get better value and flavor from Taco Bell.

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