Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gallos ~ Fairbanks

Upon entering this brightly lit building, you are instantly surrounded by the sounds of people having a good time. This large, bustling family restaurant is located at 60 College Road in Fairbanks. It boasts a rather large menu of traditional Mexican/American foods ranging from Chili Rellenos to Tamales and Tacos.
We were greeted by our hostess and seated promptly even though it was 6pm and in the middle of dinner rush. There is a nice bar that offers beautiful alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with friendly bartenders.
They serve each table fresh tortillas and both HOT and mild salsa. The HOT salsa is definitely HOT and not for the timid. The mild salsa was perfect and enjoyable for everyone.
Gallos has a small but nice kids menu as well that not only offer kid friendly Mexican foods but all-American favorites such as chicken tenders and cheeseburgers.
We waitress was pleasant and quick to take our drink order.
It did take some time to get our food and the kids were restless, luckily there is plenty to look at. The owners of Gallo's really dressed up the place with brightly colored sun, moon and star art on the walls along with fun pictures in the traditional Hollywood stying of black velvet and bright colors.
Once our food arrived it was hot and tasty. Of course this is about as authentic as you will get here in Alaska but it was good food and worth the trip. Even in the midst of a national tomato crisis, Gallo's found local tomatoes to keep their menu up to date. As a tomato lover, I appreciate that.
Over all I would go back to Gallo's in Fairbanks. The prices are similiar to other sit-down restaurants in Alaska with average entrees around $10 - $16 dollars. They have an al-a-carte menu so you can sample items for cheap as well.

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