Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cafe Felix

I received a gift Groupon today for a $25 card at Cafe Felix.  Yeah! I had never been there before and this was the perfect gift and opportunity to give it a try. We really only stopped in for coffee but my daughter was hungry so we grabbed a bite too. The menu was tiny but had a nice variety of different sandwiches and crepes to try.  Being not as adventurous as myself my Daughter ordered the BLTA or Bacon Lettuce Tomato and Avocado sandwich with the soup of the day. They were out of soup so we took the chips and salsa on the side.  
I also got the Coffee of the Day, Mexican Mocha which was perfect temperature for me, but that means on the verge of being cold for everyone else. However, it was smooth and creamy with a nice hint of cinnamon. Very good. And in a nice large mug too. :)  My daughter got the coconut mocha which was amazing and full of coconut flavor and hotter then mine.

The atmosphere at Cafe Felix is great. Lots of room, high ceilings, local art work on the walls... very pleasant and I could see myself meeting a few friends here from time to time. I saw on the wall board they have live music and open mic night weekly too.
Cafe Felix is located in the Metro Music and Books store which is loaded with a lot of eclectic items. A store that one must browse through at a leisurely pace for sure.

The sandwich arrived in a timely manner and on what tasted and appeared to be freshly baked bread but that is where the goodness ended.  This was a BLTA, but there was only 2 small slices of tomato and I never saw any avocado on my 1/2. The bread might have been toasted, I think it was toasted, but it was only warmed up enough to melt the butter and become soggy. There was nothing "toasted" about it.
It's amazing that people even think this sorta of food is acceptable to serve! $9.95 for this?? What a Joke!  After being served this half ass meal, why would I even waste my money to try anything else on the menu?  I doubt I will be actually eating at Cafe Felix anytime soon.

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