Tuesday, October 6, 2009

El Rodeo

My husband and I went to El Rodeo again today. This cute little restaurant is located on Muldoon about 2 miles from the Elmendorf Gate.
I really like this place. They offer a nice buffet every weekday for only $10 per person. There is a decent variety of mexican classics and they always have a beautiful salad bar.

The owners are super friendly and love to chat with you. In fact all the staff are quick, attentive and efficient.
So on today's buffet they added a soup! It was nice and mellow, perfect for a cool fall afternoon.
On the typical lunch buffet they have the traditional rice and beans, burritos, and cheese enchiladas, taquitos, and tacos. Plus some Chili Colorado and Chili Verde. The taco shells are thick and crispy, never had a stale one yet. Topped with loads of fresh pico de gallo sauce, they are simply devine!

They also send out a complementary bowl of fresh torilla chips and homemade salsas! Today we got both the medium and the mild. :) Each one is nicely flavored and not too spicey. Although I adore spicey food, my husband does not. The salsa was good.

El Rodeo has a great selection of popular Mexican foods off their menu too.  Your best bet would be just come on down to get a feeling for this family friendly eatery.

They also serve a decent selection of beers including some South of the Border flavors like XX"s and Corona! Make sure to ask for a slice of lime :)

Also check out their website! It's FUN!  http://www.elrodeoak.com/

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