Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ding How ~ Mongolian BBQ and Buffet

Mongolian BBQ is when the customer picks a variety of raw foods and they are cooked by the chef on a huge round gill.  Mongolian BBQ Iis not Mongolian nor is it a BBQ. It is actually derived from the Japanese cooking style of teppanyaki.  I have been in Mongolican BBQ restaurants that had over 50 different foods to choose from and an even larger variety of sauce combinations!  

Ding How is a bit nicer and much cleaner then Twin Dragons, although I like the waitstaff from Dragons better. Anyway, the crab rangoons were delicious, as always.
The seating area was nicley lit but not too bright. They had a cute area with 2 large tables for "private" parties. Since there were usually 7 of us eating, this is ideal, plus it is a good way to keep the kids corralled.

Located at 2140 Muldoon, they are also right across the street from Fred Meyer (Debarr and Muldoon) and very easy to get too.

The price is right at just $13 per person. Less for kids, of course.
Some say this is the best Mongolian in Anchorage and while I cannot disagree with them I have to let you know I have only eaten at 2 Mongolian Restaurants in Anchorage so I have little to compare it too.

I must say, though  that there is a lot more to a dinning experience then just the food. I look at all aspects including the friendliness, the cost, the cleanliness, the atmosphere, the taste, the service..........

If you are in the mood for Mongolina BBQ then this is a place that will not disappoint.

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