Thursday, August 28, 2008

Taco Rico

Yes, another Taco truck. Really though, they are a staple in the larger cities, especially ones that are in warmer climates! Have you ever tried the food at a carnival or fair? It is the same thing only sometimes better for you since it is not all sugar coated sweet treats!

So, a few weeks ago while house hunting we stumbled upon Taco Rico located on the corner of 53rd and Arctic Blvd. You cannot miss this cute little red travel trailer turned food vendor.

Senor Rico serves up a mean Carne Asada taco too! Although a bit too much cilantro for my taste, his tacos were quite delicious and filled with lots of real beef. Don't forget to add a squeeze of fresh lime! I chose the Hot sauce which was perfectly hot and my husband had the no sauce version. Both were equally enjoyable.

I will be back to try some more from his large menu selection!

See you there!

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