Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Humpy's Restaurant

After much a do, we finally made it to Humpy’s! I was very excited after hearing so much about from the locals and seeing it featured on Man vs. Food with Adam Richman. Today we went for lunch courtesy of Groupon! ($10 for $20 gift certificate)

We arrived just before Noon, expecting it to be quite busy we opted for a seat outside. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the patio was perfect!  Our server was quick taking our drink orders but was very slow in returning with the drinks. Never once was water offered though. Maybe it’s just the way they do things there but I sure could have used some after my one glass of Draft Rootbeer ran out. (turns to the Draft rootbeer is $3 per glass! This was not mentioned either by our server)  By the time the drinks arrived we had settled on our selections but our server just ignored us and proceeded to take 3 other table’s orders and collecting a few checks before finally returning to our table.

We brought 3 of our kids with us and between the 5 of us, we sampled 3 different dishes and a couple of salads.  Today we choose items mostly from the Lunch of the Day Menu; Alaskan Cod and Chips, Ham Sandwich and Salads, and a Bacon Cheese Burger.  My Hubby ordered the Sandwich and Caesar Salad and requested Rye Bread instead of the wheat to which our server said he would ask the kitchen.  About 10 minutes later he returned stating the Ruebens were all pre-made and there was no more Rye bread so our Ham Sandwich would be on the regular bread. We told him that was fine and thanked him for asking.  Of course as soon as he left my husband and I looked at each other, “pre-made sandwiches?” 

Eventually our food arrived, after we had been there about 40 minutes. Given it was a busy lunch crowd we had expected a long wait so we were not upset over the wait. We talked and watched people, besides, the weather was so lovely, it did not seem like that long of a wait.   First came out the 2 Ham Sandwiches and the Bacon Cheese Burger
The Sandwiches seemed to have fairly generous with ham and the salads were both nice and fresh looking.  2 fairly nice sized sliced of crispy bacon adorned the generous amount of cheese atop a large beef patty on a fresh bun and the french fries were hot and crisp.  It took another 5 minutes for the fish and chips to arrive so while we wait, I’ll tell you more about the food we did get to start eating.

Husband started on the Ham sandwich but noticed there was no cheese. My daughter also ordered the Ham Sandwich and only one half of her sandwich had cheese. While we waited for the server to return, we proceeded to try out the salads and get the burger sauced up with mustard. I dug into the bowl of Caesar Salad which looked very good with a lot of grated parmesan cheese on top of what appeared to be homemade croutons and nice green crispy romaine lettuce. It was really good except the dressing was completely tasteless. I’d say it was no better then milk and mayonnaise mixed together and tossed on my salad. Very disappointing.

I have ruined my children. I have. I’m such a foodie that my kids also know what great food tastes like and so they are well aware of what not so good food tastes like. As soon as my son took a bite of the Bacon Cheese Burger he was sharing with his sister, he says, “it’s certainly no Long Branch!” with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

The burger, while Appearing to be note worthy, was dry as a bone. One bite sucked all the moisture from your mouth leaving your desperate for a glass of water. (This was another point of our meal when a nice glass of water would have been very welcome) It was so sad to see such a nice big patty fail in the juicy department.

Finally the Alaskan Cod and Chips arrive and at this point we tell our waitress about the missing cheese on the Ham Sandwiches. She was so nice and immediately went back to the kitchen to correct it. Not 2 minutes later she appears with a whole new sandwich confirming our fears that they did indeed pre-make the sandwiches. It was clearly evident by the way the mayonnaise had soaked through the bottom slice of bread and made the bread all soggy.  Eeww! Any decent restaurant should know better.

As much as I really wanted to like Humpy’s I was disappointed every time I turned around. The tarter sauce, not good. Super slow service, especially with the simple tasks of just refilling drinks. The Pre-made sandwiches (of all kinds, not just the daily special), the dry burgers,......

A lunch for 5 cost $71 plus tip.  $71 of dissatisfaction.

Humpy’s, I have one more Groupon for your humble restaurant. I cannot take my husband back here. He has seen enough. And I have seriously considered giving it away so I don’t feel obligated to go back and not waste my $10.  What to do, what to do............

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