Friday, January 15, 2010

Capone's Pizza

Ah, Pizza! What kid or grown up for that matter, does not enjoy a nice hot slice of pizza? Since we moved last year, I have been eyeing Capone's, located on the corner of Northern Lights and Boniface. Tonight was the night. We choose one of the daily specials that gave us 2  2-topping jumbo pizzas, an order of breadsticks, a 12 piece buffalo wings and 2 2-liters of soda all for just $45!

Luckily, this did feed our family of 7 but I know our teens will be having a snack later. Still the amount of food was pretty good for the price.

The pizza was take-out, arriving home about 7 minutes after it was cooked.  I thought the buffalo wings were pretty tasty. Not too hot, not messy (although I enjoy the mess and the heat). I was rather disappointed they served them with a sweet ranch dip as opposed to the traditional Blue Cheese though.
We all agreed the pizza sauce was on the sweet side but I for one was pleased to see just the right amount on the pizza.  Not sloppy, who likes to have soupy pizza?  I was unsure about the crust. It seemed "chewy". I would hate to think they pre-made the crust. :(   Would the disappointing pizza been better if we ate in?  But alas. there was no dine in seating. Capone's is a Take-Out/Delivery only pizza place.

I'm sorry Capone's, I was not impressed.

Willing to make a few changes? Let me know and I'll be back!

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